Monday 23 May 2016

Goth Reacts to People Try Gothic Makeup for the First Time

I didn't want to do any more reaction videos, but really so many people insisted on a reaction to this video from Irish channel Facts. I had to! I like to think of reaction vids more as "opinion pieces" anyway.

I tried to do something different with my makeup and I'm not sure if it looks good or just a bit weird. I also tried new pink lenses. I used neon pink Dazzle Dust from Barry M on my eyes, you can find it on either eBay or Amazon, a little goes a long way! My bright pink manson lenses come from Honeycolor, and my enormous eyelashes are by Stargazer. I'm also wearing a pretty flocked Looking Out top by Banned, also can be found on eBay.

So here we go, what do you think of the video? The original can be viewed here, and you can watch my reaction here...

Watch me:


  1. I like the pink eye makeup, it looks different from what you always wear but it's interesting as well. I think it's cool to experiment sometimes, in order not to get bored, and also just to have fun. You are definitely my favourite Youtuber <3

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  3. I loved your makeup in this video! It was different but still definitely felt like your style!

  4. I love the pink contacts added with the pink eyeshadow. I just might have to order a pair for myself!