The Graveyard Scene - a documentary about goths around the world

Most people think goth is a just rebellious phase that teenagers go through, but it is in fact a large global community of all ages that transcends culture, class, and creed. There is a thriving scene in Mexico. There is an ageing scene in England. There's a widespread scene in the USA. There is a rebellious scene in Angola. There are Australian goths enduring the heat all in black.  There are Māori goths here in New Zealand. The largest and most varied scene is in Germany.

They exist almost everywhere. And they are different everywhere. In my travels I have perceived that the gothic subculture is different in every country I’ve visited; it reflects the culture and socioeconomic conditions of that country.

But what is goth, really? Being a music-based subculture, many say it’s all about the music, even though many of the best-loved bands are completely different genres. Is it the aesthetic; the familiar makeup, hair, and fashion, even though the styles are so multifarious? Some say the music and fashion don’t matter at all, it is a mindset, seeing beauty in the macabre, in death and sadness. The result is a never ending online debate.

No one seems to be able to easily describe what goth actually is. What makes a goth goth? Is it the music, the aesthetic, a frame of mind, or something else? What is the common factor, the ethos, that binds this wildly diverse global community together?

This feature-length documentary will be a worldwide exploration to discover what goth really is, and what it means to be one. To see how goth manifests itself in different countries and cultures. It will undo stereotypes that goths are nothing more than troubled teenagers, and show the audience how colourful are those who dress all in black.

Where will we shoot?

We'll be going to several locations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa - places that large annual goth events take place and many people will come together, where clandestine communities are known to exist, or I have observed notable differences in how the culture affects the scene. Shooting locations will be finalised depending on visas, budget, and political situations, but we want to get a really good look at how goth looks around the world with cultural and religious influences. 

What will we see in the film?

We'll interview key figures and icons in the scene; musicians, artists, writers, hearing their perspectives. We'll attend events and parties big and small, seeing goths in their natural habitat, and talking to them. 

The goal is a visually beautiful, cinematic film with high-production values that will showcase this fascinating subculture in the best way possible. It will be entertaining, informative, and illuminating. And pretty.

The film will be approximately 190 minutes long, however, if enough interesting material is obtained, it might become a docuseries in four 45 minute episodes.


Trust Me...

My name is Freyja but the internet knows me as ‘Black Friday’. I am a fully qualified Film School graduate with experience in most aspects of the film-making process, from pre to post production and everything in between. I have spent the last decade making vlogs about the Gothic subculture and am the world’s best known YouTuber on the subject. My videos have 95M views. I have completed a Screenwriting Masterclass at Victoria University, and was top of the class at Film School for documentary making.

My YouTube videos appeal not only to alternative people but to a wider ‘normal’ audience as well. My YouTube channel has over 500 videos, many of which are vlogs visiting goth music festivals, club nights, and foreign tourism destinations. I also have experience on short film and music video projects. My YouTube videos are entirely made by myself, I’m a competent editor. I have a solid understanding of and experience in story structure, turning unscripted footage into a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. I have travelled a lot on my own all over the world and am masterful at budget travel. People love my vlogs because I make them feel they are really there with me, enjoying a festival or exploring a cool location.

Who else is on board?

Ashley Dayour (Whispers in the Shadow, Devil in the Universe, and more) will be composing a soundtrack.

Jan Mendel (Gotikatur) has offered to assist with graphics.

Where does the funding go?

We will aim to make the dollar go as far as it can, as I am at heart a tight-fisted Scottish git and don't like spending where not necessary. Though there are many unavoidable costs when it comes to making a production of this scale, and obviously we want it to be good. This should give you an idea of what the funding is for:

Equipment, paying crew, transport, licensing and legal fees, distribution (this is e x p e n s i v e), insurance, visas, paying artists, budget accommodation, venue hire, unit, post production, music and graphics, EPK, marketing, subtitling and accessibility.

Risks & Challenges

Woof! Film making is problem solving. One can guarantee that the process won't be problem free. Damaged data, missing gear, unforeseen scheduling nightmares. That and there are always things that can so horribly wrong when travelling; visa issues, illness, cancelled flights, etc., but we shall face whatever we meet and carry on.

Then What?

The film/series will be entered into international documentary film festivals and contests and distributed to cinemas. Physical DVDs will be printed and made available, it will be available to download, and will be submitted to online streaming services for consideration. 

If you'd like to donate to help get the project made, click here or use the button below to chip in however much you'd like, every bit helps and goes towards it. We are also seeking corporate sponsors, so please email if you're interested in being a corporate sponsor. 

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