Wednesday 25 May 2016

Drunk Shopping Amazing WGT Haul!

Shopping while drunk is both dangerous and brilliantly fun. I did a lot of it at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival recently. Here are the things I vaguely remember buying, plus where you can find as much of it as possible online :)

Watch me:

The stuff I showed you that I was able to find online...
Outfit, Jewellery, and Makeup I have on in this video...

The music you can hear is...


  1. So many amazing things!!! I want to go to WGT, but I want to go to the Gothic Pogo Party SO BAD!!! Hahahaha <3

  2. I love the make up your have with the straight brows🐱

  3. I'm going to order a few samples of these parfumes. I love this kind of scents ^^ so excited about it

  4. I'm looking for a really good spiked collar. my style is very 90's grunge punk and would love to know about any good stores to buy one. I loved the one in your video.

  5. Sounds like fun it is. Not as much as straker translations of course, but still :) Thanks for posting, you are amazing.