Tuesday 6 January 2015

Spiked Collar & Cuff Collection

Hi! Watch me first:

Spiked collars and cuffs are, I feel, a timeless and effective accessory. They're so much easier to get these days than in the past. In the days of yore, the only place I could get them was a local leather shop when and if they had them.

The ones I got the most recently, were all bought from the same seller on eBay, a store called Noxandra. There are other styles of stuff there too, but if you trawl through the necklace and bracelet section, they have heaps of fairly cheap pointy shinies that are of decent quality.

Everything else I showed in the video is old, or was bought from a store rather than online.

I have coveted many items from Dysfunctional Doll. They also have an eBay store. As a creature of habit, I always go back to the same places to shop if I've had a good experience, and Dysfunctional Doll is a favourite seller I've bought from several times.

I've never bought anything from RivitHead.com, but they do have a pretty decent selection. Another website I had bookmarked is Another Way of Life, they have a few awesome looking chokers that are a bit different.

If you've got any links to good places that sell studded cuffs or chokers, please leave a comment below, always good to find new places to shop/things to covet. Also, feel free to buy some for me, I'm always wanting needing more ;)

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  1. This made me nostalgic for the first collar I ever had. Thanks for sharing!

    Where did you find the silver claw finger tip rings you're wearing?