Friday 19 December 2014

Gift Ideas for Goths

Yes it's horrifyingly close to Christmas, but if you're like me, you either leave gift buying to the last minute, or wait for Boxing Day sales. Personally, I like giving people gifts any time. If I were able to, I would give stuff to my friends and boyfriend all the time. Anyway! If you're ever wondering what a nice gift would be for the dark, creepy weirdo in your life, here are some cool ideas for your perusal.

Absinthe Kit



Try finding a Goth that doesn't like Absinthe, or doesn't at least pretend to for the sake of cool cred. Why not give the gift of a beautiful Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon, or put one in a kit with an attractive glass, and some specialty wrapped sugar cubes. Nipping down to the local bottle store and grabbing a bottle of Hapsburg 89% is pricey, but all together makes one hell of a cool gift.

Dark Books

Books are a timeless gift. Even better than a good, dark book, is one with a pretty cover to match. You can't go wrong with a leather bound collection of Poe, or some morbid poetry from Baudelaire. The latest vampire story from Anne Rice, Prince Lestat is just out, and is flying off the shelves. Or if you prefer your vampires old-school, there's always the original Dracula.
I'm currently reading The Art of Gothic, and so far, so amazing. I'll be reviewing it soon! The same author wrote Worldwide Gothic, which is now firmly on my wish list. Book Depository is my favourite site for buying books, free international delivery! Fyeah!

Creepy Toys

Fact: one is never too old for dolls and toys. Especially when they are creepy and/or covered in blood. Here are popular Living Dead Dolls BansheeLamentia or Haemon. They come inside their own coffin with death certificate, how sweet!


Less creepy but more stylish are Bleeding Edge 'BeGoths' Dolls, such as Silent StormPenelope Fabrique, or Greta Vendetta.  Most have sfx contact lens painted eyes, piercings, dyed hair, and amazing outfits. Also... Skelanimals are cute. Shut up.

Too cute? How about a bible that actually bursts into flames. Now that's darque, dude. Real darque. 

I had wanted this article to be longer, but that thing happened where I lost the whole lot and had to start all over again. Don't you love it when that happens? Hope you've found this helpful, I'll doubtless be back with more cool gift ideas in the future. Maybe people will be nudged into gifting one of these things to you by sharing this on Facebook.

Until next time, stay spooky  ^^;  ;^^

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