Wednesday 26 February 2014


I've been planning to take photos of some of the more attractive parts of our apartment, but since I have yet to get around to that, I thought I'd take a few snaps of some of our jewellery. We have... a fair bit I guess.

From left, the brooch I bought for my yet-to-exist wedding dress. The tombstone locket and bat skull cameo are both from ReStyle, and my current favourite item, the ankh locket is from the Crypt of Curiosities. The conjoined twin cameo is from Horribell.

Some of these rings I've had for years, unfortunately I couldn't get a totally clear photo with my one lens. Some are mine, some are Mr Owl's.

On the left is a spiked owl skull pendant I bought for Mr Owl as a present for no reason other than it needed to be his, from Horribell. The one in the centre is from ReStyle, and the epic Jack the Ripper necklace is from Alchemy Gothic.

This doesn't really illustrate just how many spiked collars and cuffs we have between us. Many. A stupid amount really.

I'll get more photos together as soon as I can! xx


  1. From the look of things, you have quite a collection for Black Friday. I'm intrigued with how you customised your site to match the colour and theme of the season. It is also interesting to note, despite not having a good camera, the good quality of your photos. What a nice way to summarise Black Friday.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers

  2. Love your rings! I really struggle to find ones that do not fall off my fingers XD

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