Tuesday 25 February 2014

Of Candy, Illusions, Skulls, Blood, and Syrup: A Holiday

Internetland hasn't seen much of me for the last week because I went on a wee holiday. I wanted to visit my family in what I fondly refer to as the "cold, dreary South", more commonly known as New Zealand's most Scottish coastal destination, Dunedin. Our journey began with the first aeroplane trip I've been on for years, so naturally, being the anxiety addled nutter that I am, I was extremely nervous. I tried to visit the Doctor to get some brain pills but they were unable to give an appointment in time, so had to perform some pretty impressive mental gymnastics to keep myself calm on the plane. I was successful. I felt something I haven't felt for a long time: proud of myself. Once the plane launched us above the fog into a heavenly world of sunshine and white clouds, I totally relaxed and enjoyed the spectacular vista.

As for the fog, it had landed overnight and created problems for many flights. Planes were circling because they couldn't land, therefore those planes couldn't be used for their next scheduled journeys. Some were cancelled, some delayed, fortunately our flight was problem free.

Anyway, upon arrival, Mr Owl and I stayed with my mother at her nice new cottage home. My childhood home has recently been sold, which was just as much of a headfuck as I expected it to be.

My first purchase came in the form of a dermal anchor piercing on my collarbone. Years ago I had two surface bars on my collarbones which grew out. Those were replaced with 4 dermal anchors. Three of those grew out, leaving me with one on the left collarbone. Which is weird, that one has lasted for three years, when the average lifespan of a dermal anchor is around six months. I'd had enough of feeling lopsided so I had the right collarbone pierced. I'm so happy with it! It wasn't easy though.

Because of all the scar tissue left behind by the grown out piercings, it took the piercer half an hour to get the jolly thing in. It was quite brutal and bloody and a fair bit of bruising was left behind. Ah well! He did a great job and was successful. I'll get a photo once the bruising is gone, but in the meantime, here's a photo Mr Owl took of some of the blood and stuff:

Lovely, yes? Anyway, we spent about three days in Central Otago with my mother, which is a very dry, very scenic destination, is popular with tourists and crammed with vineyards and orchards. We visited Queenstown, the "adventure capital of the world", and since insane things like bungee jumps and canyon swings are out of our budget/range of things we are prepared to do, we found a tourist attraction more relevant to our tastes!
Mr Owl and I found a Haunted House and did that, it was just as silly as I expected but very good fun!
We also visited the wonderful, old-fashioned sweet shop and sought out any horror themed sweets.

My Mum also bought Mr Owl an early birthday present of a beautiful silver skull ring. In Cromwell we raided the second-hand stores, I came away with no fewer than four candlesticks of varying styles. We obtained many interesting noms, including cherry-vanilla jam, elderflower rosé, and comb honey. In Arrowtown we were able to get a pie from the bakery there which, I don't care what anyone says, are the best pies in the entire world. I have never found a more perfect pie anywhere ever. Oh man. We went to Wanaka on our last morning where we visited the much loved Puzzling World, which is a place full of mind-bending, stomach-turning illusions, including a room where basically: down is actually up. 

Back in Dunedin, we visited my family which was really lovely and enjoyable, and met with friends. I asked my little half-sisters to be my bridesmaids too, they were both very excited, I'm so glad!
We crammed in some more shopping, coming away with two awesome ornamental skulls, piercing jewellery, and mini spirit bottles. After that, we went ice-skating! I was a figure skater for 10 years, so this is always a wonderfully nostalgic experience. Having not brought my own skates, I had to hire a pair, and they were so very terrible. I couldn't bust out any cool moves with them, oh well.

Living in the 'trendy' North Island for two years now, I have missed the South Island's tearooms, so we had morning tea in one of my preferred tearooms, which included a cheese roll, one of the things the South Island proudly clings to as being its own. Behold, sacrosanct cheese roll in foreground:

Finally this morning, laden with all the unusual milkshake and soda syrups we could carry, another treasured South Island thing, we flew back home. This time around I had brain pills, I felt so fucking calm it was amazing. I gave no fucks about anything whatsoever. Cool as some cucumbers, as P.G. Wodehouse might say. All in all it was a very pleasant week, and nice to have a change of scenery, and see some of my family. Right now I am full of marmite pizza and lethargy, resting after our wee trip. 

I'll be back putting up videos and such this week! xox

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