Your Music in My Videos

One of the things I want to achieve with my channel, is to let more people know about good music. A great way of doing this is by putting the music in the background of videos. In the video's description box, I always list the band, the song, and links to official websites and where to download if possible.

If you would like your music played in the background of my videos to get some free promotion, please download the form below, fill it out, and email it back to me at
In your email, please also include links to where I can find your music, download codes if necessary, and which websites you would like me to link to (ie. your Facebook, website, bandcamp).

The reason for the form is to prevent copyright issues if your band is signed by a label or handled by a music distribution company. It's a free exchange between me and you; you get free promotion for your music to a wide audience, and I get more cool music to let people know about :)

Of course my channel has a theme and certain 'feel' to it, so only music that fits in with the gothic rock, dark wave, cold wave, ritual wave, post-punk, deathrock, batcave etc. genres will likely be included. However I will listen to everything sent, and sometimes I have a need for a different genre. You might not be notified if I decide to put your music into a video, as adding music is the last part of my editing process and I normally upload right away, and there may not be time to alert you. You may perhaps notice a sudden surge in Facebook likes or downloads!

Easy steps:
  1. Download the artist release form here
  2. Print the form, fill it out by hand, and scan it
  3. Or - fill out the form with your computer, as long as it includes a valid signature
  4. Email the form to me at with 'Artist Release' as the subject
  5. In your email, include a method for me to access your music, ie. download codes, mp3 attachment, google drive, zip files, etc.
  6. Also include whichever links you would like me to link to, ie. your band's facebook, bandcamp, official website, etc.
And that's all. If you still have questions, feel free to write to me at x

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