Monday 16 October 2023

Temu - Shit or Legit?

In recent months it seems everyone has been talking about Temu. It kind of burst into existence. Suddenly I was seeing ads for it everywhere, every day. But I was also hearing mixed reviews. People online were saying the products were terrible, it was a scam, you'd get your card details stolen, etc., but more people were saying actually it's pretty good, I've had no problems and everything I've bought has been decent quality. So I had to see for myself. Is it good, is it dodgy? It made sense that Temu should be the next store to come under the 'shit or legit?' hammer. I bought a fair whack of different things, from homewares to beauty and jewellery. 

I immediately noticed a lot of obvious knockoffs of both large and small goth/alternative brands, which according to the pictures, were pretty weak copies. So I got a couple of knockoffs with the intention of showing how poor they were but... well some of them were surprisingly/disappointingly decent. I couldn't mention the brands in the video but I saw copies of items from Nemesis Now, Suck UK, Catacomb Culture, Dellamorte & Co, Ectogasm, Marladraw, Gary Fay, Kreepsville, Rogue and Wolf, Killstar, and Alchemy Gothic.

Watch the review video:

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