Friday 17 February 2023

Goth Festival SOBER Shopping Haul!

Hi! In contrast to my usual drunk shopping expeditions at goth music festivals, last year I had to be sober. Sad but a necessary evil for the sake of safe procreation. By the way, I filmed this a a wee while ago and have already had the baby! Just catching up on editing after many weeks of no internet/other chaos. I usually do a 'haul' video after each festival, and as I neglected to do so, here's a cumulative haul of everything I picked up from the two festivals we made it to in 2022. Some wonderful handmade things too.

Here are links to everything I mentioned that I could find online. The amazing wee witches' hat came from the kind lady at Forever in Black who has both an etsy page and a website. The coffin ring box was made from reclaimed wood by Rigore Morti. The shirts came from my beloved Gothicat, who are also the people behind the band Ash Code. The bat plushies came from FlezArt from whom I always try to get something batty. The leggings and soap (and Severine's first balloon) came from the most excellent Abaddon Mystic Store who have a physical presence in Dresden. The 'altar orbis' necklace I replaced was made by Alchemy Gothic, the brand that comprises most of my jewellery collection.

Hope you enjoy the video, and hopefully 2023 yields more festival going (somehow!)


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