Thursday 10 February 2022

Goth Baby Clothes

It's been challenging finding gothic or even just black baby clothes, for some reason there's not much demand for it? Every shop I visit is swathed in terracotta, apricot, ivory, green, brown, blue, pink, grey; neutral earthy tones with ugly patterns seem to be in for the modern baby. In New Zealand anything black tends to be All Blacks themed, the nation's beloved rugby team. So what can one get for the baby bat? There were a lot of things online that I would love to have got, but as I'm still in new Zealand, it's grossly expensive and difficult to do any online shopping here. Which really sucks.

I had many things 'favourited' on Etsy that I simply couldn't justify the shipping cost for, especially now that USPS has ceased shipping to New Zealand. But for those of you in more convenient parts of the world, I found a lot of great baby things in the following Etsy shops:

You might also look at My Baby Rocks and BlackCraft Cult. Here is the video, and below is a list with links to everything I showed you in the video where possible:

Anyway, as for what I was able to own, here are all the linkable things I showed you in the video:

Thank you for visiting, til next time!


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