Monday 1 January 2018

Store Spotlight - The Crypt of Curiosities

Today I'd like to turn your attention to a shop I've known for several years, and proudly own a couple of pieces from. Based in Manchester, England, The Crypt of Curiosities is a spooky little handmade jewellery store. It is a one person business, lovingly run by the hardworking @wifetodarkness.

If you are looking for small adornments for the spooky individual, then you have found somewhere that will provide nice quality pieces with top-hole customer service. The Crypt brings you pendants, earrings, chokers, and bracelets. A variety of styles can be found to suit one's own; some Victorian, some modern and witchy, some cute - all gothic.

New designs pop up all the time, some designs disappear quickly, so if there's something you have your eye on, you might have to be quick.

The store is described as "Gothic treats for children of the night. Halloween every day". I've never understood why one should get so excited over one day of the year, when the feeling of Halloween can be maintained all year round, to live a Halloween lifestyle, so to speak. If Halloween every day is your vibe or the vibe of someone you know, then perhaps a handmade treat from The Crypt would be a welcome decorative addition to the person.

The pieces I have have lasted years, have been worn and worn, put in and out of jewellery boxes and bags, travelled with, and have held together through it all. While a lot of handmade jewellery of this nature from other artists, I have noticed, tends to have something of a similitude, I've always found The Crypt to have a special and pleasing creative uniqueness, if that makes sense. It stands out.

I hope I've been able to introduce you to something new to admire! I apologise for the long break in these 'Store Spotlight' articles, but I've had to put a few things aside to deal with personal matters. I'll endeavour to make them a weekly thing once more :) Until next time!


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  2. I love her stuff! Sadly haven't gotten around to buy some yet xD

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  5. I love finding new artists!! She's fabulous!!

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  10. Mostly spam comments to wreck any site, how sad.

    Anywayz- love💜 the recommendations. Anks and Bats oh my, for my desires. I used to be the one in the area all stared. Until the month of October, when looks died down. So then i began to miss them, so had to crank it up, LOL.

    And as time went on in life gets on. It is harder to always look I feel still yet feel inside. Many past wonderful items i would love to see live on with someone who may appreciate them. Maybe touch base one day to see what i may donate to you if you like? As i live to help and hope to only worthy and deserving now. So to it be a thanks & payback for the joy you bring

    I live vicariously through your wonderful posts now. You genuinely seem like an amazing person. BF & I (similar age diffences too switched) feel we can relate to one very many things. If you and hopefully mr Owl ever get to the east coast of the US (if even ways off) please do contact us so we may help to make the most out of your visit. I worked with bands for many years and became quite good at travel, guiding, hosting, etc.

    Til another time... much much j&e

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