Tuesday 7 June 2016

Goth Ice Cream

Those of us who don black, outré outfits every day, will already understand the struggles of surviving Summer. However, Nick Morgenstern of Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream shop has made it possible to get more enjoyment out of Summer while still committing to a spooky lifestyle.

One can now enjoy solid black ice-cream, the trendy treat that's overtaking rainbow bagels and lattes on the coolness scale everywhere. The ice-cream contains no food dyes, nor is it coloured with squid ink or sesame as many other black foods are.

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The unusual ingredient is coconut ash. Morgenstern told Mic that "it's simply the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell", and combined with coconut milk, coconut cream, and coconut flakes, the result is a rich coconut flavoured ice-cream with a jet-black colour.

One ought to be warned however, the ice-cream will temporarily stain one's lips and mouth black. Which is fine (and even convenient) for those of us who prefer a dark lip. Coconut ash is a form of activated charcoal, and while it is widely believed to hold detoxifying properties, others have doubts over its effect on the body. So perhaps this inky treat is best enjoyed in moderation.

Morgenstern's shop also sells other unconventional flavours such as Banana Curry, Cardamom, and Egg. The store is located in New York, but the popularity of the black ice-cream is seeing similar products pop up elsewhere in the world.

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  1. Now, we just need black sprinkles. XD

  2. Yep! Black sprinkles and black cone, perfect :D

  3. Black salty licorice ice cream is my fave ice cream flavour of all and I first thought this was that, now I'm super disappointed that it's just some dyed crap :( Why people no appreciate the salty licorice? Now that I think about it though, it's actually more dark grey than black and this seems more black.

    1. Because a lot of people don't like the taste of it. I'm the only one in my group of friends that likes it. And you're right, it is a dark grey colour.

      I'd totally try this one though, I can't say no to black stained lips.

  4. OOOOO, that looks deliciously tempting to try especially, during a hot summers day. The great thing is if there any drips it's going to be hard to notice. Wish I knew about this place when I went to New York, guess good excuse to go back.

  5. haha, if you ever go to an asian grocery store they have black sesame ice cream which is usually naturally a pretty dark colour, it's delicious and has a nutty (like peanut butter) flavour

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