Saturday 7 May 2016

3 Beautiful Dark in Love Outfits

I loved the items I got from Dark in Love! Remember that when you visit their online store, you can use the code "blackfridaycode" for free shipping! Anyway, here's me (what we could loosely call) modelling my new black on black clothes. Below you can find a list of everything I was wearing, and where you can find it online if possible. Enjoy!

Watch me:

Dark in Love items:

Other items:

Much love! xox


  1. Black friday, where can i find boots like the ones you are wearing for cheap? Plus, i LOVE the umbrellas they sell on there! I think im going to buy one of those... Thanks black friday! -Zelda

  2. All the outfits you have styled look so lovely! I smiled at your frolicking around the yard, you're a great model ;)

  3. Cool outfits extras go with the dresses

  4. Cool outfits extras go with the dresses

  5. One thing about elastic waist bands... I hate after washing them a few times. They tend to get brittle and lose its elasticity. It's so annoying. Because it becomes loose. Unable to wear.

  6. All my friends have agreed to be dressed in black overalls for a theme party this weekend, and it would be a great opportunity to portray our fashion sense.