Thursday 27 November 2014

First Week of Keto

As I was falling asleep last weekend, I made the sudden decision to commit, from that moment on, wholly to the Keto diet. If you're not familiar with it, Google can help you there, there are lots of great Keto resources. Basically it's high fat, protein, low carb.
I make my best decisions on a whim sometimes. I'm a believer in going with one's instincts.

Anyway, thought I'd briefly document how my first week has gone. My diet beforehand consisted mostly of carbs; I ate lots of potato crisps, bread, pasta, chocolate, and as many of you know, candy. While I've been trying to lose weight for freaking ages, even though I regularly go to the gym and count calories, I've had zero success. I actually gained weight instead of losing it. Like, two dress sizes. A few years ago I lost about 9kg by limiting carbs, so it made sense to try that again. Anyway blah blah...

Because of my high carb diet and suddenly cutting all carbs out cold turkey, my first days of Keto have been truly heinous. I've had bad headaches, a crook tummy, extreme irritability, and zero energy. I just want to lie on my face all day. I'm very thirsty and have been drinking a veritable fuckgallon of water every day, which is apparently to be expected and is all good.

The scariest experience I've had is three days of heart palpitations. After extensive reading, I found I've been experiencing Reactive Hypoglycemia. It a nutshell it means that my body is used to producing a lot of insulin to handle my super high carb intake, but suddenly, it's all like BLAAHARAHARAHAAHHH instead. Make sense? Good. Also shaking, jitters, the sensation of oncoming panic attacks, and hot flushes. However, I know it won't last, so I'm just rolling with it.

I can only assume that the diet is working, given that I seem to have suddenly lost the expected water weight, and look a lot thinner all of a sudden. It's only temporary I know, but I'm sticking with it, and I feel very positive about the whole thing.

Sorry, my mind is kind of reeling and I'm just writing as I think, really. This morning (or afternoon rather) I woke at about 1pm with no energy, feeling dizzy and tired even after caffeine. I thought I might even fall over, or fall asleep on the kitchen floor as I made the epic breakfast I had planned. On the Caveman Keto website, I found this excellent recipe for Meatza; meat covered in cheese covered in meat. I made it, and actually didn't fuck it up, despite Mr Owl's constant remarks that I would.

I ate probably far too much of it. But now, I have ALL THE ENERGY IN THE WORLD (compared to earlier anyway) and am prepared to charge into battle versus a thousand angry yaks. So yeah. Just felt like writing that down for some reason. I'm looking forward to seeing how I go on this new diet journey thing. It's so opposite to every diet I've ever tried, which is usually about cutting fats out, whereas Keto is like EAT ALL THE FAT ALWAYS THAT'S NOT ENOUGH ADD BUTTER FUCK YOU. Seems gross but so far so good. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey, I said there was a CHANCE it'd be okay!

    (Oh me of little faith, mea culpa, well done, etc. <3)

  2. It sounds like the Atkins diet

    1. It's a fair bit like Atkins, but is highest in fat rather than protein. :)

  3. Keto Diet is like Magic! .....If you do it right. Once I got into Ketosis I lost 2 pounds the first day and 4 the second~~ I like the caveman keto chili and the chorizo breakfast casserole. I also have tons of recipes and tips if you're ever in need!