Monday 8 September 2014

Gothic Rock Bands List

Hi! Watch me first:

Two of the things I get asked the most often, is what bands are my favourites, and can I recommend some good bands to listen to. Well. I know how good it feels to discover a new band to like, so I've made a great big list of every gothic rock or 'goth appropriate' band I could think of, that you might potentially like. Both old and new, from all around the world. 
This list is in alphabetical order, and features country of origin, years active, and a link to their music.

The ♡ symbol will appear next to the bands that I listen to and love the most. Happy listening, and hopefully you'll find something new to fall in aural love with. 

I know I have missed loads, this list could get stupidly long if we wanted, but I am only one person. If you've something good to add, just comment below with a link to some music for us, please keep it as close to the gothic rock genre as possible though. It'd also be great if anyone could help me fill in the gaps. Enjoy!

Country: USA | Years: 1979 - present

Country: Mexico | Years: 2007 - present

Country: Greece | Years: 2004 - present

Country: England | Years: 1982 - present

Country: England | Years: 1995 - 2003

Country: South Africa | Years: 2006 - present

Country: Hungary | Years: 2000 - present

Country: Australia | Years: 2008 - present

Country: USA | Years: 2003 - present

♡ Bauhaus
Country: England | Years: 1978 - 2008

Country: Australia | Years: 1993 - present

Country: Sweden | Years:2007 - present

Corpus Delicti

Canis Lupus
Country: Sweden | Years:1999 - 2006

Country: England | Years: 1991 - 1998

Country: USA | Years: 1979 - present

Country: USA Years: 1994 - ?

Country: Netherlands | Years: 1981 - present

Country: France | Years: 1993 - 1998

Country: USA | Years: 1992 - present

Country: England | Years: 1976 - present

Country: England | Years: 1976 - present

Country: England | Years: 1980 - present

Country: England | Years: 1990 - 1995

Country: New Zealand | Years: 1993 - present

Fear Cult

Dr Arthur Krause
Country: Sweden | Years: 1999 - present
Country: Germany | Years: 1993 - present

Country: USA | Years: 2000 - present

Country: England | Years: 1990 - 1995

Country: England | Years: 1978 - present

Country: USA | Years: 2009 - present

Country: USA | Years: 80s - present

Country: Spain | Years: 1989 - ?

Country: USA | Years: 1996 - 2003

Country: England | Years: 1984 - present

Country: ? | Years: 1991 - 1997

Country: England | Years: 1977 - present

Rozz Williams of Christian Death

Country: Germany | Years: 1989 - 2003
Country: Norway | Years: 1999 - present

Country: Greece | Years: 90s

Country: New Zealand | Years: 1990 - present

Country: England | Years: 1976 - 1980

Country: New Zealand | Years: 2006 - present

Country: USA | Years: ? - present

Country: USA | Years: 1990 - present

Country: Germany | Years: 1988 - 2011

Country: England | Years: 1981 - present

Country: Germany | Years: 2010 - present

Country: Italy | Years: 2009 - present

Siouxsie Sioux

Country: England | Years: 1998 - present
Country: USA | Years: 1995 - 2001

Country: Australia | Years: 1983 - present

Country: ? | Years: ? - ?

Country: Sweden | Years: 1996

Country: England | Years: 1988 - present

Country: Greece | Years: 2003 - present

Country: Brazil | Years: 2005 - ?

Country: ? | Years: 2002 - ?

Country: USA | Years: 1992 - present

Country: England | Years: 1981 - present

Country: USA | Years: 2010 - present

Matthew Carl Lucian of Suspiria

Rosetta Stone
Country: England | Years: Mid 80s - 1998
Country: England | Years: 1986 - ?

Country: USA | Years: 1997 - present

Country: England | Years: 1981 - present

Country: USA | Years: 2010 - present

Country: USA | Years: 1987 - 1998

Country: Turkey | Years: 2006 - present

Country: Canada | Years: 2007 - present

Country: England | Years: 1976 - 2002

Country: England | Years: 1977 - present

Country: England | Years: 1982 - present

Country: Northern Ireland | Years: 2006 - present

Johnny Slut of Specimen

Country: England | Years: 1980 - present
Country: Italy | Years: 1992 - present

The Stompcrash
Country: Italy | Years: 2002 - present

Country: USA | Years: ? - present

Country: Australia | Years: 1993 - ?

Country: England | Years: 1993 - 1998

Country: Germany | Years: 2011 - present

Country: USA | Years: 1989 - 1999

Country: Brazil | Years: ? - ?

Country: England Years: 1992 - present

Country: France | Years: ? - 2011

Country: Ireland | Years: 1977 - 1986

Witching Hour

Voodoo Church
Country: USA | Years: 1982 - present

Country: USA | Years: 1986 - present

Country: ? | Years: 1991 - present

Country: Germany | Years: 1980 - 1990


  1. The Birthday Party, Cold Comfort, Lebannon Hannover, Lydia Lunch, Blablarism, Cabaret Grey, 1984 are missing :)

  2. This is a great list and I appreciate you taking the time to make this. I too like to just shop around for music all night. Found some of my favorites that way :) Thanks again! <3

  3. You may want to check out WC. I found them on myspace way back in the day.

  4. Paralisis Permanente (Spanish Band):

  5. Inkubus Sukkubus is a great pagan-goth band from the 1970's. I love them so much.

  6. Holy shit! those bands are amazing! can i suggest this one? the singer is a friend of mine, it is a book soundtrack or whatever the name is..the video and the song have a lot to do with the story, so if you want a little summary please let me know because unfortunately the book is not in available in english

  7. Hi thanks for the bands. Maybe these 6 will be helpfull too: Asrai, Chants of mardoror, Lacrimas Profundere, The beauty of Gemina, Lacrimosa and from Kazlovesbats Esoterik.

  8. Not a "goth band" but beautiful music none the less - DEAD CAN DANCE

    1. And really (ra-heely) popular amongst goths. I think whether or not a band is goth is less important than whether or not a band is popular amongst goths. One is a stronger indicator of desirability than the other, you know? ;)

  9. Some list! I think you could name them all ;) I can add Requiem In White, and if you would be interested in a contemporary post punk band, my fiance´s band The Wings Of Desire plays some psychedelic tunes, I also happen to occasionally dance there hehe.
    Another contemporary darkwave band who are also my friends, Monowelt. They play music closer to the coldwave genre and are really inspired by Lebanon Hanover.

  10. Gah I don't know if my last comment sent or not, may as well try again. Thank you for the list, I've been looking for new music and there's several bands here I've never heard of. To Youtube!

    I have a handful more suggestions, not all of them necessarily goth in the strictest sense but certainly goth friendly - Rhombus, Miranda Sex Garden, The Tear Garden (current favourite), Cold in Berlin, The Legendary Pink Dots, The Chameleons, Chelsea Wolfe, Night Sins, O.children, Veil Veil Vanish, Esben and the Witch, Lycia, And Also the Trees, The Last Cry, The Cemetary Girlz, Soror Dolorosa.

    1. I can't believe someone mentioned Miranda Sex Garden. Legend status for you.

  11. Artica is an Italian band from 1989. They're pretty good.

  12. 1919 are a really good post-punk band with a sound similar to Killing Joke.

  13. the swans - the great annihilator album -
    Great list btw love Xmal Deutschland too!

  14. just a little Correction, All about Eve, 1985 was the year they started out. Not 1995. Otherwise a fairly good list, for the Classics. A lot of the Modern Bands come from Germany these days, and probably have more to do with either Medieval music (Subway to Sally & Saltatio Mortis) Or have a Rammstein feel ( Eisbrecher & Ost Front) but also the Scene is so split these days that within the Gothic Scene there are errrr Scene's. Medieval, EBM (Electro Body Music) and I hate to mention this but I must to be fair Cyber. Cybergoth is basically for those who want to dress Black and Neon and Dance to extreme forms of Techno. As far a Modern Gothic Rock goes, Mono Inc from Hamburg (Where Andrew Eldritch lives) who have been on the go for the last 10 years. Beauty of Gemina, while not "German" do come from Switzerland, both Bands Sing for the Most part in english. If your not too worried about language then Blutengel from Berlin may be something for you to look at too. The Singer Chris Pohl loves Vampire legend and basically goes towards the Romantic side of Vampire lore. As far as Old gothic bands go The Mission may be missing from your list (So far) but you can avoid the last album as they've gone from being Gothic Rock to Blues rock.... Wayne got old I guess. Anywho keep up the good work on the Video's :-D

  15. You have excellent taste in music! :)

  16. Love Candyman by Siouxsie and the Banshees!

    Also: The Cocteau Twins: Millimillenary
    and Pearly Dew Drops by them

    Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence

  17. She Wants Revenge is pretty solid -


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  20. I've recently been really into The Frozen Autumn:

    They're from Italy and have quickly become one of my favourites. They're like synthpop or darkwave perhaps.

  21. A friend of mine posted a Death in Venice song on my facebook for my birthday, and I've been super into them ever since.

    "Happy Birthday"

    and my personal favorite
    "Sex of the Angels"

  22. Lacrimosa is a really good band too.

  23. This is a great list, but there a two bands missing.


    Escarlantia Obsessiva:

    What other music do you listen too?

    Greetings from germany. :)

  24. Type O Negative, kinda doomy, I love them. :)

  25. Type O Negative, kinda doomy, I love them. :)

  26. I love Nightwish and Within temptation :3 ❤️❤️

    1. I don't know about Within Temptation, though I know Nightwish is symphonic metal, therefore would not be suitable for this list.

    2. Yes I know that.
      I was Just sayin :D

  27. Hi! I recommend you check these two Hungarian bands out: and Hope you like them! :D x

  28. And here's my favourite from F.O.System:

  29. A very nice spooky / almost whichy song that I enjoy a lot is Children of Frost by Indica its on YouTube I highly recommend checking it out.

  30. Excellent list! I would strongly suggest adding Tones On Tail to it, which was fronted by Daniel Ash of Bauhaus (right after Bauhaus broke up, but before L&R). They just had 1 album, "Night Music", but it was a masterpiece of darkwave & goth & spooky weirdness... especially after hours of wine and nighttime and candles and incense...

  31. And Also the Trees would be an appropriate addition to the comprehensive list. ;-)

  32. I love Birthday Massacre especially their song Blue another one of my favorite bands is Creature Feature not sure how goth either of these are, but they're dark and great listening

  33. I'm so glad to see Rasputina on here, you seemed like a symphonic gal to me and it would be a shame for someone who likes strings not to know about them. If you hadn't put them then I would have. : )

  34. Miranda Sex Garden (singer helped form Medieval Baebes):
    (Broken Glass)

    Rhea's Obsession:
    (Waves - my current favorite)
    (Between Earth and Sky)
    (End of the Night, Doors cover)

    (Razor Sharp)
    (Violet's Dance)

    Secret Meeting (side project of Collide):
    (Am I Here?)

    Dead Can Dance:
    (In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated)
    (A Passage in Time)

    Diva Destruction:
    (The Broken Ones)

    Tristesse De La Lune:
    (Queen of the Damned)

    Faith and the Muse:
    (Rise and Forget)
    (Annwyn, Beneath the Waves)

    Hungry Lucy:
    (Blue Dress)
    (Bound in Blood)

    Claire Voyant:

    Flowing Tears:
    (The One I Drowned)
    (Starfish Ride (For a Million Dollar Handshake)

  35. Additionally:
    Coil 1982–2004 (Loves Secret Domain, Tainted Love, Etc. )
    Skinny Puppy 1982–1995, 2000, 2003–present (Assimilate, Deep Down Trauma Hounds, Smothered Hope, Etc.)
    This Mortal Coil 1983–1991 (all Albums: Blood, Kangaroo, It'll End in Tears)
    The Creatures 1981–2005 (Siouxsie and Budgie)
    ...for starters


    Type O Negative :)

  37. I thought that I wouldn't be familiar in your type of bands but I was surprised that you're into Joy Division, Sex Gang Children, The Cure, Souxie and the banshees, etc. Great bands you put on here!

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  39. You should look up Strawberry Switchblade. They're not strongly goth but they were influenced by the scene.

  40. These are some of my favorite bands:
    Inkubus Sukkubus - Goth Rock
    Theatres Des Vampires - Goth Metal/BlackMetal
    Soulgrind - Goth Metal/Black Metal
    The Birthday Massacre - Goth Metal/ Cybergoth
    Diabulus in Musica - Goth Metal
    Lacuna Coil - Goth Metal
    Dark Princess - Goth Metal
    Evanescence - Goth Rock, Alternative, Metal, Goth Metal

    1. Birthday Massacre are definitely not goth metal or cybergoth. I just consider them synth goth. Great band.

    2. Diabulus in Musica are disturbing because they have a growling keyboard player!

  41. I second The Mission

    May I also suggest the hugely influential Killing Joke who have been around since 1978, morphing from post-punk and goth to industrial metal.

  42. I would suggest Birthday massacre, the 69 eyes (if you love sisters of mercy really check them out) and a recent one im kinda hooked on is project pitchfork. also creature feature is kinda creepy and twisted there just fun :)

    1. I support all of these suggestions 100%. I love Project Pitchfork and Peter Spilles' side project, Santa Hates You.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Though I am not entirely sure about the suitability, as this group technically invented their own genre, HIM (Also known as His Infernal Majesty) may be a good band to add to the list, since most consider them Goth Rock or Goth'n'Roll (I prefer to call it Love Metal as that is the name they gave it). They are of Finnish origin, and, especially if you dig about in the demos, they sound like Gothic Rock, I guess. As for a link, I shall just link to the song I first listened to, which led me to my current adoration which I will not deny had turned me into a fangirl, called 'The Funeral of Hearts'
    They do drift from this sort of sound, as 'Heartkiller' was inspired by 80s' pop music, but either way they are a good band.
    Thank-you for your time.

  44. Type O negative and Still Patient?


  45. I don't know if anyone else reccommended these guys, But I like Lord Of The Lost and Cradle Of Filth. CoF is more black metal though. So mainly Lord of The Lost and Vlad In Tears. I know more but those are kind of my favorites.

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  47. Was listening to my music and realized I didn't see The 69 eyes on this list.

  48. I'll just mention:

  49. Also...
    Advent Sleep -
    Black Ocean Drowning -
    Corpus Delicti -
    Cranes -
    Dichroic Mirror -
    Dronning Maudland -
    El Luto Del Rey Cuervo -
    Grey Season -
    I Found God -
    Kore -
    Lycia -
    Madre del Vizio -
    Mephisto Walz -
    Moonchild -
    Nocturne -
    Poetry Of Shadows -
    Rubella Ballet -
    The BEL AM -
    Electric Hellfire Club -
    The Merry Thoughts -
    The Shadow Dance -
    The Shroud -
    The Wake -
    Whores of Babylon -
    Trance To The Sun -
    Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs -
    The Mission -
    Vendemmian -
    Children of the Gun -
    Funhouse -
    The Attainment of Nirvana -
    Dawn of Oblivion -
    The Cascades -

  50. ASP-

  51. Jordan Reyne, The Proximity of Death made me feel very good about myself.

  52. Anyone know sopor aeternus & the ensemble of shadows

  53. Into goth music,xymox is the best out there.

  54. New Days Delay
    Dead or Alive: number eleven

  55. One of the best bands of our time! I love Simply Red. Hopefully, this time, the sound of the concert will be much better.

  56. I think great polish gothic rock band Closterkeller is missing. There so may of them. I`m glad I`ve commented today on YT channel. Stay dark.

  57. Malice Mizer- visuel kei japanese goth band
    moi dix moi (i think thats the spelling)- visuel kei japanese goth band

  58. killing joke
    the birthday party
    echo and the bunnymen

  59. -Dead Souls Rising
    -Elvira & The Bats
    Love Your Channel! <3

  60. What a great list! Just a few more mellow bands that people might like :

    Autumn Tears
    Dark Sanctuary

    Beautiful music, incredibly atmospheric.

    If you prefer something with a bit more kick, try Nevergreen - Gothic Rock or Sirenia - Gothic Rock / Symphonic Metal :-)

  61. 13th Moon, stylised with crucifixes at each end, there's two bands of the same name - the other is a black metal band, I'm referring to the dark-wave band from Japan ( I believe?), I'd recommend 'Grave Dance' in particular.

  62. I would like to add some Bands (Postpunk/Positive Punk,Depressive Punk,Gothic Rock,Deathrock)... Here we go:

    Part I

    Band (Country) Active Period
    13 Bats (ITA) 2010s - now
    13 Candles (GB) 90s - 2000s
    13th Chime (USA) 2000s - now
    A Wedding Anniversary (FRA) 80s - 90s
    ADS (DA) 80s
    Aeon Sable (GER) 2000s - now
    Age of Heaven (GER) 90s
    Also (GER) 90s - now
    Ancient Tales (ARG) 90s - 2000s
    Angels In Aspic (GB) 80s - 90s
    Angina Pectoris (GER) 90s
    Another Species (GB) 2000s
    Arte No Escuro (ESP) 80s
    Ash Code (ITA) 2010s - now
    Asmodi Bizarre (GER) 80s - now
    Asylum Party (FRA) 80s
    Atomic Neon (GER) 2000s - 2010s
    Ausgang (GB) 80s - now
    Baroque Bordello (FRA) 80s - 90s
    Belfegore (GER) 80s
    Belgrado (ESP) 2010s - now
    Bella Morte (USA) 90s - now
    B.F.G. (GB) 80s
    Black Ice (USA) 2000s
    Bliss The Pocket Opera (GB) 90s
    Blood & Roses (GER) 80s
    Bloody Dead And Sexy (GER) 2000s - now
    Blue Cross (USA) 2010s - now
    Brotherhood Of Pagans (USA) 90s - 2000s
    Burning Gates (ITA) 90s - now
    Cabaret Grey (PL) 2010s
    Cadra Ash (GER) 90s - 2000s
    Calling Dead Roses (GER) - 80s
    Cancer Barrack (GER) 80s - 90s
    Carillion Del Dolore (ITA) - 80s
    Catholic Spit (USA) 2010s - now
    Chants Of Maldoror (ITA) 90s - 2000s
    Christ VS Warhol (USA) 2000s - 2010s
    Christine Plays Viola (ITA) - 2000s - now
    Cortex (SWE) - 80s
    Cradle Of Spoil (GER) 90s
    Creaming Jesus (GB) 90s
    Crimson Scarlet (USA) 2010s - now
    Cyan Revue (GER) 80s
    Danielle Dax (GB) 80s - 90s
    Deadchovsky (FRA) 2000s
    Death Joy (GDR, East-Germany) 80s
    De Sade (USA) 2000s
    Die Art (GDR) 80s - now
    Ding An Sich (GRE) 80s - 90s
    Distopian Society (ITA) 2010s - now
    Double Echo (GB) 2010s - now
    Dream Disciples (GB) 90s
    Dystopian Society (ITA) 2010s - now
    Eat Your Makeup (FRA) 2000s
    Eden (AUS) 90s - now
    Elusive (GB) 2000s
    Erato (BEL) 90s - 2000s
    Euroshima (BEL) 2000s
    Eva O (USA) 90s
    Every New Dead Ghost (GB) 80s - 2000s
    Exedra (GER) 90s
    Extrabreit (GER) 80s - 2000s
    Ejaculation Post-Mortem (ESP) 2000s - now
    Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle (GER) 90s - 2000s
    Fading Colours (PL) 90s
    Fallen Apart (GER) 2000s
    Fangs On Fur (USA) 2000s
    Fear Incorporated (GB) 2000s - now
    Fehlfarben (GER) 80s - now
    Film Noir (GRE) 80s
    Flesh For Lulu (80s - 90s)
    Fliehende Stürme (GER) 80s - now
    Forthcoming Fire (GER) 90s - 2010s
    Four Came Home (GB) 80s
    Frank (Just Frank)(USA) 2010s - now
    Frank The Babtist (GER) 2000s - now
    Funeral Address (GER) 90s
    Garden Of Pleasures (GER) 90s
    Geile Tiere (GER) 80s
    Geisterfahrer (GER) 70s - 80s
    Gene Loves Jezebel (GB) 80s - now
    Ghost Dance (GB) 80s
    Girls Under Glass (GER) 80s - 2000s
    Grauzone (CH) 80s
    Grooving In Green (GB) 2010s - now
    Gruftschlampen (GER) 2010s - now
    Guilty Strangers (USA) 2010s
    Götterdämmerung (NL) 90s - 2000s
    Hans A Plast (GER) 70s - 80s
    Hatesex (USA) 2000s - 2010s
    Herores Del Silenco (ESP) 80s - 90s
    Ideal (GER) 80s
    Igors Night Off (GB) 80s
    In Search Of Beauty (GB) 80s
    Inca Babies (GB) 80s
    Into The Abyss (GER) 90s - now
    Junkjard & The Wings Of Desire (IL) 2010s - now
    Kalte Lust (FRA) 2010s - now
    Kiss The Blade (GB) 80s
    Kommunity FK (USA) 80s - now
    L'ambassadeur Des Ombres (FRA) 80s - 90s
    La Devocion (PU) 2000s
    La Peste Negra (ESP) 2000s - now
    Lacrime Di Cera (ITA) 90s
    Lady Berserys Garden (GER) 90s
    Land Of Passion (FRA) 90s
    Last Rites (GB) 2000s
    Leichenliebe (GER) 2000s
    Leitmotiv (ESP) 80s - 2000s
    Lene Lovich (USA) 70s - now
    Leningrad Sandwich (GER) 80s
    Les Maitres (FRA) 80s
    Limbo (ITA) 2000s
    Lore Of Asmoday (GER) 1989 - 2002
    Los Estomagos (ESP) 80s
    Los Humillados (ESP) 80s - 2010s
    Luna (YU) 80s
    Lydia Lunch (USA) 80s - now

  63. And Part II - just explore and enjoy ^^'O'^^

    Madame Edwarda (JAP) 80s - now
    Madness Of The Night (SWE) 2010s - now
    Marquee Moon (GER) 80s - 90s
    Masquerade (FIN) 2010s - now
    Mekrokiew (ESP) 2000s - now
    Mercyful Nuns (GER) 2010s - now
    Messiah Of Pain (ESP) 90s
    Metro Cult (DK) 2010s - now
    Miguel And The Living Dead (PL) 2000s - now
    Mittageisen (CH) 80s
    Moral Hex (USA) 2010s - now
    Morbid Poetry (GER) 90s - 2010s
    Morticia (USA) 80s
    Murder At The Registry (GER) 90s - now
    Musta Paraati (FIN) 80s
    Neva (FRA) 80s - 2010s
    New Model Army (GB) 80s - now
    Nichts (CH) 80s
    Nite Fields (AUS) 2010s - now
    Norma Loy (BEL) 80s - now
    Novocaine Mausoleum (UKR) 2000s
    Of A Mesh (USA) 80s
    Opera De Nuit (FRA) 80s
    Paralisis Permamente (ESP) 80s
    Passion Noire (GER) 90s
    Phaidia (JAP) 80s - now
    Pink Turns Blue (GER) 80s - now
    Plastique Noire (BRA) 2000s - now
    Play Dead (GB) 80s - 90s
    Pretentious Moi (GB) 90s - now
    Public Image Limited (GB) 70s - now
    Quite Simple (NET) 80s
    Radio Scarlet (USA) 2000s
    Red Rain Coats (CH) 80s
    Red Sun Revival (GB) 2010s - now
    Revenge Of Nephtys (GER) 90s
    Rosa Crux (FRA) 80s - now
    Rosengarten (GDR) 80s
    Rosi (CZ) 2010s - now
    Run Run Vanguard (GER) 80s - 90s
    Sad Lovers And Giants (GB) 80s
    Salvation Amp (GER) 2010s - now
    Scarlets Remains (USA) 2000s
    Scary Bitches (USA) 2000s - now
    Schonwald (ITA) 2000s - now
    Screaming Dead (GB) 80s - now
    Screams For Tina (USA) 90s - 2000s
    Secret Discovery (GER) 80s - now
    Seraphim Shock (USA) 90s - now
    Seraphim Twin (GB) 90s
    Serene Fall (GER) 90s
    Sexbeat (GB) 80s
    Shadow Image (GER) 2010s - now
    Shadowplay (GER) 2010s - now
    Shock Therapy (GB) 80s - 90s
    Siekiera (PL) 80s
    Siglo XX (BEL) 80s - now
    Sons Of Neverland (SWE) 90s
    Soror Dolorosa (FRA) 2010s
    Spear Of Destiny (80s)
    Stiff Kittens (GB) 80s
    Stimmen Der Stille (GER) 80s
    Strange Boutique (USA) 80s - 90s
    Subtonix (USA) 2000s
    Super Heroines (USA) 80s - 90s
    Syyskuu (FIN) 80s
    Tanzkommando Untergang (PL) 2010s - now
    Taste Of Decay (GER) 80s - now
    The Bellweather Syndicate (USA) 2010s - now
    The Bolshoi (GB) 80s - 90s
    The Breath Of Live (BEL) 90s
    The Caves (GER) 90s
    The Cemetary Girlz (USA) 2000s - now
    The Cult/The Southern Death Cult/Death Cult (GB) 80s - now
    The Danse Society (GB) 80s - now
    The Dark (GB) 80s
    The Daughters Of Bristol (USA) 2010s - now
    The Eden House (GB) 2000s - now
    The House Of Usher (GER) 90s - now
    The KVB (GB) 2010s - now
    The Last Dance (USA) 90s - now
    The Lords Of The New Church (GB) 80s
    The Marionettes (GB) 90s
    The Merry Thoughts (GER) 90s
    The Naked And The Dead (USA) 2000s
    The Nightchild (UKR) 2000s - now
    The Phantom Limbs (USA) 2000s
    The Prachers Of Neverland (SWE) 90s
    The Rose Of Avalanche (GB) 80s
    The Shadow Dance (FIN) 90s
    The Snake Corps (GB) 80s
    The Soft Moon (USA) 2010s - now
    The Tors Of Dartmoor (GER) 90s - 2000s
    Theatre Of Hate (GB) 80s - 90s
    Theatre Of Ice (USA) 80s
    Theatre Of Loneliness (ITA) 90s
    Tragic Black (USA) 2000s - now
    Trash Groove Girls (GER) 80s
    Tuxedomoon (USA) 70s - now
    Twelfthnight (USA) 80s
    Two Witches (FIN) 90s - now
    UK Decay (GB) 70s - now
    Under Two Flags (GB) 80s
    Untoten (GER) 90s
    Veil Of Light (CH) 2010s - now
    Veil Veil Vanish (USA) 2000s - now
    Veronica Lipgloss (USA) 2000s
    Violet Stigmata (FRA) 90s - 2000s
    Virgin In Veil (FIN) 2010s - now
    Warning (GER) 80s
    Weimar Gesang (ITA) 80s
    Whispers In The Shadows (AUT) 2010s - now
    Winter Severity Index (ITA) 2010s - now

  64. Anyone know the lyrics to Angela from "Earth Calling Angela" ???

  65. Gothic rock (also referred to as goth rock or simply goth) is a musical subgenre of post-punk and alternative rock that formed during the late 1970s. Gothic rock bands grew from the strong ties they had to the English punk rock and emerging post-punk scenes. Proto-gothic bands include Siouxsie and the Banshees.The genre itself was defined as a separate movement from post-punk due to its darker music accompanied by introspective and romantic lyrics. Gothic rock then gave rise to a broader subculture that included clubs, fashion, and publications in the 1980s.Well.. I know how good it feels to discover a new band to like, so I've made a great big list of every gothic rock or 'goth appropriate' band I could think of, that you might potentially like. Both old and new, from all around the world. The Kooks is the British indie rock band that the future members of the team, Luke Pritchard, Paul Garred, Hugh Harris, Max Rafferty, founded in 2004, being students of the Brighton Institute of Contemporary Music.The positive energy you can find here: live dates and tickets.

  66. einsturzende neubauten and kmfdm.....also ptv is well liked ,

  67. I love your list so many epic bands. I'm a Vampire Goth who's also a TradGoth Metal Head meaning I love traditional Goth Vampire Goth and 70s and 80s Heavy Metal. I know Black Sabbath isn't a Gothic band but they influenced Type O Negative, Christian Death. Black Sabbath has alot of songs that are dark,slow, atmosphereic,doomy and heavy. Alot of there lyrics horror & occult lyrics. My fav songs by them are Black Sabbath Black Sabbath,Black Sabbath Children of the Grave,Black Sabbath Lord's of this World, Black Sabbath Planet Caravan,when they got a new singer after Ozzy Osborne left there sound went alot darker Ronnie James Dio is who's on these Sabbath songs Black Sabbath Lonely is the Word, Black Sabbath Heaven and He'll, Black Sabbath the Devil Cried they changed their name to Heaven and He'll and there sound got darker Heaven and Hell Fear. Lastly there's a band influenced by Black Sabbath called Pentagram my favorite song by Pentagram Be Forwarned from there Be Forwarned album. Sorry for writing this so long.

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  69. So many great artists mentioned in this list/thread. :)
    Linea Aspera's a particular favourite of mine. More darkwave/synth but I keep getting a Suspira feeling from them. 2011 to 2013 UK.

  70. Shadow Age (US 2015-present)

  71. Its relatively like nothing bodes well. Ensure that you pick a band that is in the correct classification for the sort of gathering you are having. Classification you say? What does that mean?

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  73. Thank you. Barely found this just now. <3

  74. Some bands from Portugal!

    - Morte Psíquica -
    - NU:N -
    - Phantom Vision -
    - Bal Onirique (2005-) -
    - Noctivagus (1994-)
    - Morituri (1984-1990) -
    - Espelho Mau (2007-)
    - La Chanson Noire (2007-)

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