Friday 25 July 2014

True Ghost Story Series

Here's video number 2 in my series of true ghost stories, this one won a radio contest, hope you enjoy it! Scroll down for another one. I'm so looking forward to telling the really, truly unsettling stories that I have, something to look forward to :p

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  1. I know this is kind of an older post but I thought you would appreciate my own "ghost" story. :)

    My fiance and I moved out of my father's house to another town to stay with a friend of his. We woke up early one morning and I followed him out into the screened in patio to sit with him while he had his morning cigarette. We were just sitting there talking when we caught something out of the corner of out eye and both stopped and turned our heads. We kept a small banzai plant in a coconut flower pot, and the thing was floating about 3 inches off of the table. We watched as first one side, and then the other very gently lowered and sat back down. I looked at my fiance and said "I am not saying anything until you tell me you saw that too". Of course he said he saw it floating so I know I didn't see things. Two or three days later his father had a fatal stroke and passed away.

    I think that whatever spirit had gotten our attention was trying to warn us that something was going to happen soon.

    Another one:
    After my grandmother passed away, dreamcatchers in her home where I lived with my grandfather would turn backwards every night for weeks. I was asleep on the living room couch one day and I felt her nails scratch my foot. My little sister woke everyone up screaming one night that my grandmother was laying in the bed with her. She was maybe 4 or 5 at the time.