Tuesday 18 March 2014

In The 90s I Was Young

FUCK it's about time I wrote about my birthday party. I've been all distracted by life things, but anyway, here we are, my 27th birthday party! Like I said, due to my sensations of horror at my youth dwindling away into oblivion and my childhood years now being labelled "vintage", I thought I'd make it a night of nostalgia and have a 90s themed shindig.

I cleared the room more than once with my playlist. I feel proud of this? I promised my friends 100% guaranteed popular in the 90s music, particularly what was on the radio or TV a lot at the time, and I delivered. There was a lot of pop, dancing, singing along, and face palming. It was great. Some people dressed in their finest 90s fashion, and I had Blossom muted on the TV all night. The people who danced the Macarena with me get all the points for being awesome.

I attempted to make Bubblegum flavoured punch, and was successful. It was very pink and sweet and looked like this:

I generally always provide punch and noms for my guests. I had a great time, it went on 'til 5am, and much fun was had by all I think. I drank my beautiful favorite Kopparberg cider all night. Not many pictures were taken unfortunately, and for some reason I decided to use my camera with no flash, so all mine are very dark and grainy. Ah well! Imagine a big bunch of spooky people dancing to La Bouche.

Anyway, being an old person now, I don't get millions of birthday presents anymore, but what I did get was awesome, and I bought myself stuff too with the birthday money I received. Mr Owl, though he disapproves of functionless decorative objects, bought me the following INCREDIBALLS statue from Dellamorte & Co. 

Why yes it is a conjoined twins fetal skull. I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMG. I have many creepy decorative doodads but I think this one somehow wins as the creepiest.

For myself I bought a bottle of "Lich's Laboratory" room and linen spray from the Black Phoenix Trading Post. The description is "Hissing vials of acid, swirls of thick incense, creeping mosses, flecks of grave loam, and noxious potions clutter the blackened stone biers of an abandoned burial vault." So naturally, I was excited. I want my house to smell like that, I thought. I'm a big fan of BPAL's deathly, graveyard scented things, so I expected something like that. Unfortunately I'm a bit disappointed by it, there's a stick of something in it that I don't really like and to me it smells like hazelnut incense. The reviews on it are very positive though, so maybe it's just my overly sensitive nose that isn't a fan. Boo.

I also bought myself some red human hair extensions which are yet to come in the post, ooOOoer. Anyway, I've been late in putting up a new YouTube video but that's largely due to sad things in my life being all distracting and stuff, but I promise to get something up in the next day or two, and will endeavour to be more regular with uploads. Wee! 

Ok well I guess that's that for now, 'til next time! x

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