Sunday 9 February 2014


I attempted taking a photo of my patch jacket, pretty sure I failed. I love these patches though, I'll get a better picture where you can see all of them.

Also, have a dumb winky selfie, because why not.

Today I had a stack of gig posters printed for our gig this Friday, Valentine's Day. Tonight we will splatter the city with them. NZ's only Victorian Goth Rock band, the Whores of Whitechapel will take the stage again! Hopefully we can get some photos, last time we took video but the sound quality was appalling, and it was pretty dark. Bwaah, one of these days you will hear what our band sounds like. I also walked for about an hour in the rain and bought a pair of slippers. This is not interesting but it is a thing I did. Yup woo k that'll do then. Bye!

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