Wednesday 5 February 2014

Here Comes the Crafty Bride

I've been approaching wedding planning like film shoot planning, it's not that different, really. When you plan a film shoot, you start by writing and perfecting a script, then you find a few crew members who feel passionate about the project, then you need to find funding. Once you have funding you can go about location scouting, organising art department, arrange unit, transport, hiring a full cast and crew i.e. camera and sound departments, and so on.

A wedding is similar in the sense that you need funding before location scouting (venues for ceremony and reception), hiring a cast and crew (bridal party, celebrant etc.) camera and sound crew (band, photographers, videographers), organising art department (decorations), arrange unit (catering), transport - basically it's kinda similar.

Being an Art Director on film shoots, naturally the 'Art Department' aspect of my wedding, to me, is the most important. Everything must look AMAZING. Aesthetic comes before anything else. I've started a 'Wedding Aesthetic Inspiration' Pinterest page, and am really having to rein myself in on the millions of ideas I have for making things look cool.

It's the funding part I'm struggling with at this point. Basically we've got zip so I have to implore my family for help. I have never asked for money for anything before ever, and I certainly don't like having to do so. I'm hoping that they will feel generous as this is the most important day of my life to date.  I, as many girls, have spent most of my life dreaming about my perfect, fantasy wedding day. It's always been what I dream about when I'm in a bad mood and need cheering up. Obviously I want it to live up to expectations, because eventually, it won't be a dream anymore, but a memory.

I mentioned to my Dad the other day how much it would likely cost, and I think he nearly died on the spot. Weddings are not cheap these days! And again in doing film, I've learnt how to stretch money. So I guess we'll see there - but until I can get some 'funding' for this 'project', I'm really frustrated and stuck. I can't book a date at the church without a large downpayment, which means I can't start booking anything else at all. I risk losing a good date.  All I can do at this stage is plan, design, and buy small things that I can afford by myself.

For example, I'm starting by making a ring box and ring pillow, as well as those decorative rings to go around wine glasses. Once the supplies I've ordered arrive, I can get my craft on and hope for the best. I've bought a beautiful brooch to pin to my non-existant wedding dress. I've decided to make all the favours, invitations, table decorations, pew decorations, name cards, and possibly my bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets. If I have a flower girl, I'll make her basket. I am way, way too excited about making all these things. Every time I finish something, I'll put a picture up. I really want to make more of a Vlog for the wedding planning process.

People get terrified and stressed about planning weddings, I'm not worried, at least not at this stage, except for getting enough money together to pay for everything. But I want to make a Vlog because I'm basically doing everything myself. Which is fine. I can totally do that. Sure. Again, it can't be as hard as planning a film shoot. But it should be be an interesting process to watch.

To finish up, here's the first picture my fiancé and I ever took together, rather classily taken with a phone in a bathroom mirror at a party while pretty drunk. It's still my favourite. So yeah, keep watching. x

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