Friday 28 February 2014

GIANT photo post of DOOM

By special request, here are some close ups of the stuff on "the shrine", which suddenly exploded into being the most popular thing I have ever put on Tumblr. Oooer.

I bought this skull very recently on my holiday. You can also see the one wee shard that remains of my once impressive crystal quartz collection. The two goblets are the ones Mr Owl and I take to parties, since it's always smart to bring your own cup just in case. On the right is a replica kitten skull.

We were given the large Crystal Head Vodka bottle as an engagement present, and I recently found the miniature one, to give him a wee friend. The brass candlestick is actually pretty special to me, it was the one thing I got from my Grandparents' house after they died. I'd always rather liked it. 

Bat incense holder, fuck yeah.

Anyway, moving along, I took a few more photos of bits of my apartment. I suck at doing things, just in general....

In our wee community, everyone names their house. Our's is The Belfry. Naturally, we have a wall of bats.

This is down the end of the hallway, pile of bones and a creepyish tree that makes pretty light.

It's hard to tell but the red blanket is patterned with a flock of bats. It is SO COOL. And fluffy. The cushions I made and hand-painted myself. Guitars and amps in the background blah blah.

Purple Death is a drink that really knows how to sell itself. The label reads:
"An unusual "Rough-As-Guts" aperitif that has the distinctive bouquet of horse shit and old tram tickets. It is best drunk with the teeth clenched  to prevent the ingestion of any foreign bodies. Connoisseurs will savour the slight tannin tastes of old tea leaves and burnt cat fur. Possessors of a cultivated palate will admire the initial assault on the taste buds which comes from the careful and loving blending of animal manure and perished jock straps strained through an old miner's sock. The maturing in small pigs' bladders gives it a very definite nose. Marketed under the Saviour Brand (9 out of 10 people who drink it for the first time exclaim "Je-e-esus Chri-ist")."

Therefore it takes pride of place on top of the bookshelf. The skull is a real cow skull, and the black roses were in a rather lovely glass vase which my cat has very kindly relieved me of the burden of owning, by breaking it into a thousand tiny bits.

Miniature bottles are so cute! Especially when they are Kraken Rum. Also, black teapots. 

My fruit bowl is a spiderweb. Currently sans fruit. 

Candle scones and smashingtastic art from Chuck Hodi in the hallway.

This wicked clock was brought back from Australia by Mr Owl recently, it's pretty fucking cool. I'm a big fan of Madam Talbot's posters, this is one of four I have. 

My key-holder is a bat. 

Um well, that's probably enough for this giant freaking post. Anything more will have to wait, don't worry, I'm nearly done. 'Til next time! x

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