Monday 21 September 2009

Ice-Cream in Copenhagen

The journey from Berlin to Copenhagen was long and interesting. I had to get up at 3am so that I was nice and early for a 7.30am bus. My first great achievement was finding the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof which was right on the other side of town from where I was staying. I got the right busand was on my way to Denmark! I had to leave Paddy behind as I had booked him a plane from Berlin back to Edinburgh, so the rest of the journey I am doing alone. I prefer travelling alone sometimes. Anyway, the whole trip took eight hours including a ferry across the Baltic Sea. I saw A LOT of windmills on the way. We stopped in a place called Rostock where a man speaking German came onto the bus and gave us detailed instructions entirely in German. So feeling completely baffled, I followed everyone else onto the ferry where they all dispersed. I sat outside and watched Germany shrink into the distance for a while, before going back to sit inside, all the while wondering how I was to find my bus again. Fortunately, I saw a couple whom I recognised from the bus trip, and followed them.

When we finally reached Copenhagen, and I shouldn't have expected to end up in some sort of bus station, oh no. The bus driver (who spoke only German) let us off somewhere random, and I was like, "Ah!". Having no idea where I was, having no map and no one around who spoke English to ask for help, I used my amazing sense of direction and cunning to find my hostel. I walked for over an hour in the heat, using a rough map I scribbled from a bus stop. To make it so much worse, my bag decided that it didn't want to roll (the wheels kept going inwards) so I had to carry the fucking thing. I kicked it many times and shouted expletives at it, but it still wouldn't cooperate. I had blisters on my hands at the end of it. Eventually, inexplicably, I found my hostel, Sleep-In-Heaven. It's also a very nice place, and all the people here seem so friendly.

Feeling fucking shattered, I slept for about 12 hours.

I awoke before 7 O'Clock and prepared myself for my one whole day in Copenhagen. I had breakfast and two cups of Earl Grey (which seems to be the only English tea they have here) before heading out into the city, my first mission being to conquer the Metro system. It was very easy, since they have only two lines, and it took me about three minutes to figure out. Testing my new found knowledge, I went two whole stops to reach a mystery destination, with no plans of what to do after that.

Fortunately, I immediately found an open-top bus tour, so I decided to do that. I'm glad I did, for I got to see all the touristy things in the city that I wanted to see. I saw lots of beautiful old buildings, fountains, statues, the infamous 'little mermaid', a palace, little sail boats, and so much more. I learned quite a bit too which is always nice. i got off for a bit where I got my ice-cream. For some unknown reason, it has always been on my "Life To-Do List" to eat an ice-cream in Copenhagen. So I did, photos to follow ;) I also wandered Strøget, got my mum the souvenir fridge magnet which she demands from every location I visit, and a hotdog in a bun, another Copenhagen must-do apparently.

I retired early and decided to take the Metro back in the direction of the hostel, since I'm unfamiliar with the buses. However, I got onto the train, and was stuck in it for some time while the doors refused to close. A voice speaking Danish kept coming over the speakers, and the people inside started getting rowdy. It was very packed and hot and I had no idea what was going on. It's hard for me not to worry in these situations, but it was alright, and soon enough I was able to travel my two stops and return to the right area. I searched for dinner but was unable to find any. I went to a supermarket and came away with cheese, chocolate milk and iced tea, which was nice but not really dinner in anyway.

So that was my day in Denmark, shame I couldn't really have longer, but tomorrow morning I am off to Romania! Speaking of which, I must get to bed now since I have yet another early plane, yay.

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