Wednesday 23 September 2009

Brasov, Romania

It's been a fairly lovely day which somewhat makes up for the shitty one yesterday. It's been sunny but mild, and I spent somewhere around six hours walking around the town. It's a long narrow town, so it only took me about 15 minutes to walk from one side to the other. I saw most of the sights to see in Brasov, the remains of the medieval wall that once enclosed the town, the Black Tower, the Weaver's Bastion, Strada Sforii (Rope Street), the Black Church, St Nicholas Church, the Schei Gate, and two Synagogues, one of which I went into. It was beautiful inside, all decorated in gold, but everyone was walking around praying to things so I thought I probably shouldn't hang around.

I've been sort of living off iced tea and am having difficulty obtaining proper food. Today I bought a chocolate covered, chocolate filled croissant, and a small thing of bread, but that's it. Yesterday I had half a calzone. The day before that I had a bread roll and a hotdog, and the day before that I had an apple. That's all for the whole four days, and I'm beginning to feel crappy because of it. Maybe I'll lose some weight, but probably not if I eat things like chocolate covered, chocolate filled croissants. I would happily kill for a vegetable or piece of meat right now.

During the times while I wasn't walking today, I was sitting down and writing things for my books into my diary. I did this for ages, because for some reason I seem to find this place highly inspirational. One point I remember was particularly nice, I was sitting near the Black Tower with bushes all around, and the bells from the nearby Black Church were all ringing for ages and it sounded so cool. The air was smokey, the birds were chirping, the sun was out, and I had somewhere to write, it was lovely.

I plan on spending the rest of today planning what to do with the next two days. I really want to see Sighisoara. I was pondering hiring a car and driving to the ruin of Poenari castle, Dracula's actual castle (not Bran castle, the one they pretend is Dracula's castle for tourists) but three things are holding me back. One, they drive on the other side of the road, two I can only hire a manual car and I can only drive an automatic, and three I haven't driven for over a year. I'll probably end up going to Bran castle anyway. Well I'll update tomorrow probably and can let you know what I ended up doing!

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