Friday, 29 April 2016

9 Struggles of Wearing All Black - Buzzfeed

If anyone is allowed an informed opinion on Buzzfeed's latest video, 9 Struggles of Wearing All Black, it's me. By popular demand here is my reaction! Beneath the video you can find everything I'm wearing in this video, enjoy!

I have on a velvet keyhole dress from Jawbreaker, Ankh of The Dead necklace by Alchemy Gothic, and a chunky collar I found on eBay.  Nose chain is self-made. x


  1. I have the same Alchemy Gothic Ankh necklace and I love the way that you layered it. It also looks quite lovely with the necklace of the dress! Cheers :)

  2. I love your style, my dear. Curious though; do you ever get harassed by anyone for wearing bindis or the nose chain by folks that think it's cultural appropriation? I personally think that your creative skull and cross bones or drawn on 3rd eye adornments are simply icing. But there are always some that get offended. How do you deal with this if/when confronted? (This might be a good, if inflammatory topic for a vlog!)

    My affection to you and yours! >^..^<

  3. I absolutely adore your style and I love being inspired by your clothing so when you put links to the clothes you are wearing it makes me super happy :) I hope you put links to what you are wearing in all your videos you don't have to but just consider it.

  4. For the most part I do wear all black... have been since my mother finally let me go school clothes shopping by myself, so about 35+ years now.. I was always “that creepy girl down the street”.. and my mother still tells me that one day I will regret having worn a black wedding gown, little does she know lol. I did notice though that you do wear colors occasionally, other than your contacts, it’s in your eyeshadows!.. which I love, love , love your eyes and how you dress them up. You always look gorgeous and your wardrobe is amazing