Tuesday, 4 October 2016

DIY Blackaroni and Cheese!

The internet lost its shit over black ice-cream, and continues to do so as this weird black food trend marches on. Personally I am in favour of it, and decided to give it a go! I saw that YouTube channel Threadbanger made black macaroni and cheese, but it looked so hard, since they made the pasta from scratch.

I figured I could make an easier, and even cooler version, that even a non-skilled kitchen derp like me could achieve. My ingredients were...

I didn't actually measure anything, as usual. I measure ingredients in amounts of "that looks about ok". This made enough for two good sized servings. I boiled the pasta in hot water for 8 minutes, then drained it. I mixed the ingredients for the cheese-sauce in a separate pot, then when it appeared cheese–sauce-like enough, I added a small dollop of black gel food dye from Wilton.

This dye was amazing, it was such a deep colour, but it didn't stain the tongue, lips, or mouth. It is also flavourless. The amount needed was very small, roughly 1/3 teaspoon. I got mine here from German Amazon, but it is also available at the USA Amazon. It combined with the cheese easily. Would you ever try Blackaroni and Cheese? Here's the video of me making it, enjoy!


  1. The gothic Nigella .... You are much more entertaining though :D

  2. Hi Freyja. I have actually tried black noodles last Halloween, but it seems that yours turned to be much more delicious 🎃 Those noodles of mine did taste like dye. But I´ve heard that gels are better. You may already be familiar with salty liquorice ( salmiak). Popular here at Nordic countries and norhern Germany also. With liquid salmiak u can make of course black booze, but also cakes, cupcakes etc. Imagination is the limit. It obviously tastes something though.
    I was positively suprised that u like Korpiklaani! I think that they do a great advertizing to our finnish culture, and of course good and traditional folk metal. Once when we were visiting this metal festival at Germany some french people actually laughed when we said that Korpiklaani is much more authentic finnish folk than for example Ensiferum.. well, we can´t do nothing about it since it is a fact. First time I heard that thought on your vlog, that some people are a shamed to like folk metal :D guess TrVe Kvlt prefer term "pagan metal". Folk/paganmetal is my favourite genre and clothing style (as a mother of two) and I refuse to be ashamed. I also have an deeply autistic son so being an alternative family is our every day life no matter how I dress. Anxiously waiting for new vlog of your, keep up the great work ♥ Oh, I found Nox Arcana thanks to you and your ghost stories ♥ -Aallotar- aallottarenuni.blogspot.fi

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  4. Really tempted to try making this for Halloween.

  5. Hey there BlackFriday,
    i really love your Videos, they make me more brave to try out who i am and what i like. But: I'm so sorry, but as i saw you cooking i was thinking "what the fuck is she doing?" if you doing a sweat or Roux or i don't know the right english word, you have first to melt the butter, then add the flour and mix it till it's smooth, then add the milk and mix it really good to get it smooth and at last add the cheese. That's how it gets right. And how the Sauce will not taste like flour. Please don't be angry with me, i don't want you to tell how you have to do anything, i just want give a tip. This is just the order how my mother and grandmother thaught me to make a smooth Sauce.

    but i will try this out, it Looks that much interesting and i want to know if my tongue is black after eating this :D

  6. Ooh i would love to make that!

    But the dutch amazone only sells E books :(

    So i can only make black taliagette ( thick spaggetti)

    But i want my delicious cheese to be that black as well .. Oh well i can just walk into ostfriesland so i might find some black food colouring there?

    Also keep making such lovely content they make me laugh and feel a bit happier if i have a bad day

  7. We will make everything blacker than the blackest black times infinity XD
    Seriously, this is awesome! You're awesome.

  8. I think you may be my favourite person on the interwebs. You are so funny and sweet.

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